Skipton looses customer information

The Skipton Building Society has become the latest financial organization to loose customer information. The Skipton announced today that the details of over 14,000 of its customers had been lost.
Earlier in the month disclosures by the UK government that it had lost data concerning millions of citizens was disclosed, this was followed by further revelations that the DVLA has lost information about thousands of drivers.

Skipton Financial Services (SFS), a subsiduary of Skipton Building Society, said that details of 14,000 customers had been lost after a computer was stolen from a London-based IT contractor.

The information belonged to customers with funds administered by Fidelity FundsNetwork and included names, addresses, National Insurance numbers and fund investment details.
ExploreMoney View: It is now getting to the stage where you have to wonder who the data protection officers are within these companies, and whether they even have a basic ProCert in data management. Elementary mistakes are being made by large organization due to lack of enforcement compliance with data trust standards. Things will continue to get worse unless immediate action is taken by the government to protect peoples data. But dont hold your breath, the UK government is one of the worst offenders.

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