Rough ride for Gordon Brown

The past few months haven't been easy for Gordon Brown. Afer yeasr of waiting Tony Blair finally decided to leave, handing him the leadership of the UK. From the start it was clear that the tranition would never be clear sailing, but who could have foreseen the mess that would ensue.
To begin with there was the revolt over the abolition of the 10% tax bracket. During his time as chancellor Mr Brown had attempt to bolsters the governments coffers by removing a key tax break that allowed low earning people to pay 10% tax. Works such as nurses, administrators and the such were the hardest hit.

Next came the so called credit crunch, where it was suddenly impossible to get a mortgage and mortgage rates went through the roof.
Mr Brown, still under the impression that he was the chancellor decided to spend his time intervening and meeting with celebrities. Good idea.
It took him weeks to admit that he had made a mistake, and now it will take months for the government to take a very embarassing U-Turn on the whole affair.
To put it quite simply, I feel for Gordon, he lacks that charisma that Tony Blair had, but seems to be a far more honest prime minister, but no one should believe he lacks the ambition.

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