Orange Broadband voted worst in the UK

Orange broadband has been voted the worst broadband provider in the UK. The company was slated by the BBC Watchdog program as providing a substandard service.
Orange, which last year purchased Wanadoo in order to enter the UK broadband market, did not make a comment.
The company is also the subject of an ongoing investigation by the International Charter into its support practices, which include charing customers 50p per minute to call its support numbers, with the average call last 20 minutes.
Orange which has completely offshored its helpdesk to India has been heavily cricitised for the performance of its helpdesk. Tests conducted found the helpdesk operators to have a very poor level of English, reading from a script and unable to answer even the most basic questions about the service.
So, for anyone considering Orange broadband, the verdict is simple, AVOID this company!

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