Qatar royal family increases ownership of Sainburys

The news that the royal family of Qatar have increased their stakes in UK supermarket Sainsburys to 25% will raise a few eyebrows. Only a few weeks ago Sainsburys looked certain to be swallowed by private equity groups. However, what will suprise many people is that an iconic British brand is owned by a forign royal family in a country which could not be more different.
The private equity firm controlled by the royal family has a number of other UK holdings.

This is just another indication of how money has become the uniting factor for many countries. It doesnt matter about cultural differences so long as  there is a buck to be made.

In the coming months it is unlikely that the ownership of the supermarket will change, but given the greater influence a foreign culture now has o n Sainburys we might see some subtle changes.
So the next time you shop, remember that all may not be as it seems.

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